Hard-wired dash cams for companies and fleets

Professional installation

Seamless integration

Reliable monitoring

What is a hard-wired dash cam?

A hard-wired dash cam is a vehicle camera system professionally installed and directly connected to the vehicle's electrical system. By doing so, it provides continuous power supply, reliable operation, and seamless integration with other vehicle systems. These positive points make it an ideal dash cam solution for companies operating with commercial fleets.

Benefits of a hard-wired dash cam

Continuous power supply

Hard-wired dash cams are directly connected to the vehicle's electrical system. Because of this, they remain powered at all times – no batteries needed.

Professional installation

Professional installation guarantees optimal camera placement and integration. The result is maximised coverage and functionality while avoiding potential installation errors.

Greater level of reliability

Due to a stable power connection and secure installation, hard-wired dash cams achieve a high level of reliability. Installation in this way reduces the risk of disconnections.

Integration of advanced features

Hard-wired systems can incorporate advanced features like GPS tracking, AI technology, and real-time alerts, providing comprehensive solutions for fleet management.

Theft deterrence

Visible, professional installed dash cams act as a deterrent against theft and vandalism. They offer additional security for your fleet.

Comply with regulations

Hard-wired dash cams support your efforts to meet regulatory requirements. These cameras provide consistent, reliable footage and data collection – essential for compliance in many industries.

Pros and cons of hard-wired dash cams over standard self-install dash cams

Hard-wired dash camsSelf-install dash cams
InstallationProfessional installation for optimal placement.DIY installation may lead to issues with camera positioning.
Power supplyContinuous power from the vehicle's electrical system.Reliance on battery or external power source.
ReliabilityHigher reliability with secure connections.Potential disconnections and reliability issues.
CostHigher upfront cost due to professional installation.Reduced costs due to DIY installation.
ComplianceSupports regulatory compliance with reliable data.Regulatory standards are typically met but may not be as consistent.

Types of hard-wired dash cams


Forward-facing dash cams capture footage, as you'd expect from the name, of the road ahead. This supplies clear evidence of incidents and helps improve driver behaviour.


Dual-facing dash cams record both the road ahead and the driver. This offers comprehensive monitoring for both safety and incident analysis.

Multi-camera system

Multi-camera systems include front, side, and rear cameras. This achieves a 360-degree view around the vehicle, which maximises safety and situational awareness via dash cams.

Installation of hard-wired dash cams

With the installation process, experienced technicians securely connect the dash camera to your vehicle's electrical system. This professional approach avoids common installation errors. The result: the camera is positioned correctly to capture critical footage, as well as enhance safety and compliance. With Radius and our expert installation services, you're assured your dash cams are set up for maximum effectiveness and reliability.

Vehicle types for hard-wired dash cams


Hard-wired dash cams can be installed in company cars, where they provide continuous monitoring and enhance driver safety and accountability. Used by the likes of sales fleets.

Fleet of vans in queue


For vans, hard-wired dash cams offer full coverage and security – crucial for delivery and service vehicles. They help monitor driver behaviour while protecting against theft and false claims.


Heavy goods vehicles benefit from hard-wired dash cams by improving safety and compliance. With extensive coverage and support for fleet management, they're key for logistics and transportation companies.

Installation of hard-wired dash cams on fleets

Installing hard-wired dash cams across your fleet ensures consistent, reliable monitoring for all vehicles. With professional installation services from Radius, it guarantees each dash cam is optimally positioned and securely connected to the vehicle's electrical system. This consistency across your entire fleet boosts overall safety, compliance, and efficiency.

Viewing hard-wired dash cam footage with kinesis

Our Kinesis software allows seamless access to footage from your hard-wired cameras. This advanced, innovative platform enables fleet managers to view real-time and recorded footage – remotely, and from any device. Kinesis also provides the opportunity to quickly locate and review specific incidents by selecting the desired date and time. Additionally, it integrates with GPS tracking and other telematics data to offer a comprehensive view of your fleet's operations.

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