Motorbike tracking systems

Guarantee the safety and efficiency of your motorbikes with Radius’ advanced tracking solutions.

GPS tracking solutions for motorbikes across all industries

Whether you need to secure high-value bikes or manage a fleet for courier services, our motorbike tracking devices fit the bill. Our asset trackers are ideal for keeping valuable motorcycles secure, while our innovative vehicle tracking system – complete with live tracking – is perfect for delivery fleets.

Prevent theft, optimise routes, recover stolen bikes – all of this (and more) is possible with our innovative motorcycle tracking systems.

Benefits of motorbike tracking

Bolster security efforts

Protect your high-value motorbikes with our advanced asset tracking devices. If any unauthorised movement occurs, you’ll be alerted immediately. GPS asset tracking also provides clear location visibility.

Recovery from theft

Our tracking solutions boast a 95% recovery success rate. That means if you are the victim of theft, your stolen motorbike can be quickly located and retrieved by law enforcement.

Route optimisation

For businesses, our vehicle tracking devices help to optimise routes. This improves delivery times, customer satisfaction, and fuel consumption.

Spend less

Costs are reduced in various ways. For instance, insurance premiums can be lowered with our Thatcham-approved trackers, recognised for their effectiveness in preventing theft.

Improved utilisation

With a motorcycle GPS tracking system, ensure your vehicles are always where they should be, allowing you to manage your fleet more effectively.

Peace of mind

Gain peace of mind knowing your valuable assets are protected and easily recoverable in the event of theft.

Small, powerful tracking devices for continuous motorbike monitoring

Our motorbike tracking device delivers comprehensive security and management for your bikes. Small yet robust, these devices are easy to install and powered by an internal battery. This makes them ideal for both individual bike owners and fleet managers.

Offering real-time GPS tracking, our motorbike tracking devices enable you to monitor your bike’s location at all times. Add in features like geofencing and instant alerts, and these devices ensure your bikes are always accounted for and secure.

Thatcham-approved trackers for motorbikes

At Radius, we utilise Thatcham-approved technology in our trackers. This means that, along with being highly effective in preventing theft, they can also achieve quick recovery if a motorbike is stolen. Our Thatcham-approved motorbike trackers use advanced technology to detect unauthorised movement and alert you instantly.

This approach supplies an extra layer of protection for your valuable bikes. Recognised by insurers, these trackers can also help lower your insurance premiums.

Stolen vehicle recovery service

In the unfortunate event of theft, our stolen vehicle recovery service helps with the quick, safe return of your motorbike. With a 95% recovery success rate, our service is managed by an expert team who work closely with law enforcement to locate and retrieve your stolen bike.

Our GPS tracking device for motorbikes provides real-time location data. This data is key in achieving swift, efficient recovery of any stolen vehicles.

Stolen digger found by Police

Industries that benefit from motorbike tracking


Location tracking and route optimisation results in timely deliveries, as well as efficient use of fuel and resources.

Emergency services

Paramedic and police first responders benefit from real-time location tracking. This allows for faster response times and improved coordination.


High-value sports bikes are secured with advanced asset tracking devices. This protects these valuable items from theft and unauthorised use.

Motorcycle instructors

Reliable tracking devices help to keep training bikes secure. By protecting their investment this way, motorcycle instructors can gain peace of mind.

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