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What is taxi tracking?

Taxi tracking involves using advanced GPS technology to monitor the real-time location of taxis. This data can be used for tasks such as optimising routes and gaining detailed reporting. When used correctly, this system helps to boost the efficiency and security of taxi operations. 

Radius is home to a comprehensive taxi GPS tracking system. Whether you are a single black cab driver or manage a fleet of taxis, our solutions can help elevate your operations to the next level. 

Benefits of a taxi tracking system

Greater level of efficiency

Real-time tracking allows you to optimise routes by providing the fastest, most fuel-efficient paths from A to B. This also minimises idle time – key for a quicker and more productive taxi service.

Better customer service

Accurate ETAs and optimised routes equals higher customer satisfaction. Passengers appreciate timely pickups and drop-offs, increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

Added layer of security

Instant alerts for unauthorised movements and potential theft keep your taxis secure. Geofencing technology means setting virtual boundaries and receiving notifications if a vehicle leaves this designated area.

Reduction in costs

Efficient route planning and reduced idle times result in significant savings on fuel. Additionally, for fleets, tracking driver behaviour helps lower maintenance costs.

Simple compliance

Electronic records of trips and vehicle maintenance support regulatory compliance. Detailed logs aid meeting local transportation regulations and simplifies reporting requirements, making audits and inspections more manageable.

Increased fleet visibility

With detailed reports on vehicle locations, trip histories, and driver performance, you gain full visibility of your taxi operations. This enables better decision-making and fleet management. 

Taxi tracking device

Our taxi tracking devices supply reliable, accurate location data for your taxis. These devices, small in size, are easy to install. Additionally, they integrate seamlessly with our tracking software.  

Features of our trackers include real-time GPS tracking, geofencing, and instant alerts for unauthorised movements. When you use a taxi tracking device from Radius, you can significantly improve your taxi operations’ safety and efficiency – whether you drive a single vehicle or manage a large fleet. 

Taxi GPS tracking software

Our taxi GPS tracking software presents a user-friendly interface alongside a range of powerful features to enhance taxi management. The Kinesis software provides real-time tracking, route optimisation, trip history, and detailed reporting. Additionally, it includes instant alerts for unauthorised movements and maintenance reminders.  

With Radius taxi tracking software, you gain complete control over your taxi operations. This helps improve efficiency, reduce costs, offer better customer service, and more.  

How a taxi tracker benefits different business setups

Single taxi driving down a street

Single operators

Single operators, like black cab drivers, benefit from enhanced security, real-time tracking, and route optimisation. This can support drivers to have more efficient operations, where customers experience a better overall service.

Fleet of mini buses


Taxi fleets gain considerable benefits by utilising taxi tracker systems. These systems can offer comprehensive fleet management by updating individual cab locations in real time so you can improve efficiency by dispatching the nearest driver to the closest location more easily.

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