DCI fuel cards: Supporting businesses in Ireland

Largest all-Ireland network with over 1,900 sites

Pay the same price no matter where you fill across Ireland

Keep track of cards, drivers and expenses to protect against fraud

Ireland's largest fuel card network

Radius has been a leading provider of fuel cards in Ireland for 30 years through our DCI network, which we own and operate, working with our partners to offer full geographical site coverage across Ireland.

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DCI fuel card locations

DCI has the largest fuel card network of any provider, offering complete geographical coverage across Ireland. Our network includes 24/7 access and HGV sites, as well as 1,400 EV charge points for hybrid fleets.

DCI fuel cards are accepted at all major petrol stations across the whole of Ireland, including Emo, Maxol, Top, Inver, Texaco, Certa, Swift, Solo, and more. In Northern Ireland they can be used at Tesco, Sainsburys, Maxol, Spar and others. They offer the same price at the pump wherever you are, with consistent and convenient pricing.

Wherever you are in Ireland, you’re never far from a DCI location. We know that every delay costs your business money, so we make it easy. Drivers don’t have to waste time searching for a station, the fuel card app will do it for them - our e-route app shows drivers the nearest so they can quickly get their fuel and get on their way.

Is your business located in Great Britain?

DCI cards are only available to businesses based in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. DCI customers can access the UK Fuels network when travelling across Great Britain.

For businesses based in Great Britain, we offer UK Fuels cards. These cards offer the same great benefits as DCI with fuelling locations suited to British businesses.

UK Fuels cards

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Save time

Fill up at locations convenient to you with full geographical fuel station coverage across Ireland. Find stations and map your journey with our e-route tool, as well as paperless HMRC compliant invoices, automated payments and straightforward admin.

Save money

Simple, competitive fuel cards that help you save each time you fill up. Choose between a fixed weekly price or a guaranteed saving off the pump price.

Easy online management

Manage your DCI cards, invoices, transactions, alerts, limits and more online with Radius Velocity. You can also access a range of reports to better understand usage and driver behaviour.

More than just fuel

Access sustainable fuel like HVO, and pay for electric charging with DCI fuel cards. You can also use your DCI card to purchase other vehicle-related products like AdBlue® and lube oil as well as car washes and car parking.

How it works


A few quick questions

Tell us a bit about your business and what you need.


The best solution

We filter through our wide range to provide the best product for you.


Fill up and start saving

Apply for your cards online or by phone, then use them across Ireland for discounted prices.

Find your fuel card

Choose your DCI fuel card


Our flagship card has a dedicated account manager and weekly price management, tracking the market to guarantee reactive, competitive pricing.

DCI Pump Saver

Our guaranteed savings card has fixed discounts off pump prices across our entire network. Fuel up while keeping costs down.

DCI Main Route

Our HGV card is designed for drivers on motorways and main routes, offering account management and market-driven competitive pricing.


Our hybrid fuel card allows you to pay for EV charging across our 1,400 electric charge point network and traditional fuel on one card.

Benefits of DCI fuel cards

Save at the pump

Discounted rates and fixed pricing for guaranteed savings on fuel.

Largest fuel network

Access over 1,900 sites throughout Ireland.

Locked-in pricing

Pay the same fuel price across Ireland.

Easy and free sign-up

No joining or application fees and no minimum fuelling requirements.

Analyse fuel spend

Budget better with accurate fuel reports in real time on the Velocity app.

Go paperless

Get automatically generated digital invoices, reports, and more from the Velocity app.

Full coverage

Cards for HGVs, electric vehicles, vans, cars, and coaches.

Identify areas of fuel inefficiency

Use your fuel reports to find more savings and maximize business resources.

Protect against fraud

Keep track of how, when and where fuel cards are used.

Reliable, trustworthy service

Serving Ireland’s business community for over 26 years.

Pay for road tolls

Pay reduced rates and access express lanes with the DCI toll tag.

Also accepted throughout the United Kingdom

Can be used at over 3,700 stations in Scotland, England and Wales.


DCI cards for small businesses to large fleets

DCI fuel cards aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We offer a range of cards that reflect the varying needs of our customers so they can maximise savings and run their operations more efficiently. Every card can also be used to purchase oil, lubes, HGV parking, and truck washes so businesses can save on every aspect of fleet management. You can also add a DCI toll tag to your account to streamline your spending onto a single invoice.

A line of parked HGVs

DCI cards for HGVs and fleets

DCI Main Route is designed for HGV fleets using motorways and main routes. It offers competitive diesel pricing at over 650 HGV locations throughout Ireland. Card holders also benefit from comprehensive account management and support services with dedicated HGV specialists readily available to answer any questions. For non-HGV fleets, there’s the DCI One fuel card. This offers consistent petrol and diesel pricing throughout Ireland and competitive rates that follow the market.

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DCI cards for small business

Small businesses and sole proprietors can’t afford to miss out on savings, especially when it comes to fuel. With the DCI Pump Saver, they can cut costs right at the pump - enjoying fixed discounts on diesel and unleaded across the entire DCI network. Get guaranteed savings at the pumps on fuel prices. There are no joining fees or contracts so businesses can use the cards as much, or as little, as they need - offering smaller operators much-needed flexibility.

Radius Velocity gives you complete control of your account

With DCI fuel cards, you don’t just save money on fuel. You’ll also see substantial savings on admin costs and paperwork with the Radius Velocity app. Included free with all DCI fuel cards, Radius Velocity gives businesses complete visibility into their account by drawing everything together into a single dashboard.

The easy to use platform allows businesses to conveniently track their vehicles and fuel spend in real-time. Users can manage all aspects of their account in just a few clicks, logging into Radius Velocity to order new fuel cards, terminate lost cards, and even assign specific cards to selected drivers so you’re protected against fraud.

Radius Velocity is also the perfect tool for accounting departments, streamlining and storing all your paperwork. The app creates and securely stores your fleet invoices so they can be easily accessed or downloaded as needed. Avoid the headaches and hassles of collecting individual receipts from drivers - Radius Velocity automatically generates HMRC compliant invoices so you’re never left scrambling at tax time.

The app also runs fuel reports to help businesses accurately measure, and budget for, their fuel expenses, helping them spot inefficiencies and saving them money over the long term.

Map your drivers’ journeys, see monthly fuel costs, search for stations, and track when and how fuel cards are used - your entire account is at your fingertips with the Radius Velocity app.


Supporting your business

Our support doesn't end when you receive your fuel cards. Our team of over 2,800 experts are here for you at every step, helping you improve productivity and efficiency.

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