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Types of courier insurance

Below will give you a better idea about the various insurance types available to couriers:

Courier driver looking into their van from the side door

Courier van insurance

Courier van insurance, as the name suggests, is a more vehicle-specific form of coverage. It’s designed to cover a single van or vehicle used for courier services, where it provides protection for theft, damages, and accidents. Courier van insurance offers both financial security and assurance for couriers in their day-to-day operations.

A collection of parked vans

Courier fleet insurance

Courier fleet insurance is intended for businesses operating multiple delivery vehicles, supplying unified coverage for all vehicles under one policy. Unlike insurance for individual couriers, it simplifies management and typically comes with notable cost benefits. It offers comprehensive protection for the entire fleet against accidents, damages, and third-party liabilities.

boxes being unloaded from a van

Goods in transit insurance

Goods in transit is used in case of damage or loss of goods during delivery, a key concern for many clients utilising courier services. It complements public liability insurance, which covers legal and settlement costs if a third party is injured due to your business activities. Combined, these insurances protect your business against significant financial liabilities from damages or third-party claims

Benefits of courier insurance

Comply with UK laws for courier insurance

Courier insurance ensures you meet the legal requirements for courier operations in the UK. You then avoid penalties and legal issues.

Cover the cost of damages for vehicle

Financial protection is provided, meaning you don’t have to cover significant unplanned expenses like repairs or replacement costs.

Extensive liabilities coverage

With the right insurance, you are given comprehensive protection against a range of liabilities like goods in transit and public liability. This shields your business from various claims and losses. 

Protect your business interests

Think of courier insurance as a safeguard for your business assets and operations. This keeps your business ticking over, even when encountering unexpected issues.

Peace of mind

Investing in courier insurance brings peace of mind. This mental comfort signals you’re protected against a range of risks, allowing you to focus on the primary areas of your business.

What is courier insurance?

Courier insurance offers vital protection for those delivering goods across the UK. This type of insurance goes beyond the scope of standard commercial van insurance, covering not just the vehicle but also the particular risks associated with courier services.  

These risks include the constant movement of goods and multiple delivery stops. With courier insurance, a legal requirement for those in the industry, it addresses those unique challenges.  

For comprehensive protection, you’re advised to obtain goods in transit insurance, which safeguards the parcels you carry against damage or loss. Moreover, public liability insurance is also a wise choice as it offers financial protection against claims for accidents, theft, or damage to property while conducting deliveries.  

What is courier insurance?

Types of insurance couriers need

When courier insurance is in place, you can legally pick up and drop off goods for either hire or reward. However, this must be supported with other types of policies when running a courier business.  

These policies range from coverage for your vehicles to your employees. Unsure of what insurance you require? With our panel of insurers, you can compare the market, find policies that match your needs, and ensure you have the right coverage.  

As for specific insurance coverage, you’ll need:  

Vehicle insurance

Public liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance

Motor insurance

Goods in transit insurance

Light hauler insurance

Courier van insurance

Fleet insurance

What type of insurance does a courier need?

Cost of courier insurance

The cost of courier insurance varies based on several factors. These include: 

The chosen level of coverage (third-party, third-party fire and theft, or comprehensive)

The age of named drivers

Your claims history

The type of vehicle(s) insured

Size of the fleet (if applicable)

Man viewing EDC fuel card prices

How to land the best courier insurance deal

Are you on the hunt for a courier insurance deal that aligns perfectly with your business requirements? It’s wise to consult with our team of courier insurance specialists. Their expertise and diligent search capabilities mean they can identify a deal that is perfect for your specific needs. 

We will present you with the most cost-effective courier insurance options by leveraging our services. However, we don’t make the price the priority. An affordable policy is important, but the chosen coverage always meets your business needs.  

How to land the best courier insurance deal

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