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Types of HGV insurance

Single HGV insurance

Single HGV insurance

Single HGV insurance offers tailored coverage for individual heavy goods vehicles. This coverage protects a single vehicle against accidents, theft, and damage. A policy ideal for independent operators or businesses with one truck, single HGV insurance helps safeguard finances for your vehicle and general operations.

HGV fleet insurance

HGV fleet insurance

HGV fleet insurance delivers comprehensive coverage for multiple heavy goods vehicles, all under a single policy. This is an efficient, effective solution if your business operates with several trucks, where you gain uniform protection against the usual threats of damages, theft, and third-party liabilities.

What is HGV insurance?

HGV insurance is a specialised type of commercial vehicle insurance that protects large vehicles like trucks and lorries weighing over 3.5 tonnes. This insurance provides coverage for an assortment of risks to HGVs, including damage to the vehicle, theft, and liability for injury to a third party.  

Need help in deciding which coverage is best for you? Speak to us, and we’ll advise you about the most suitable, specialist HGV insurance for your business.  

Transportation and warehouse insurance

Why you need HGV insurance

Simply put, if you operate a vehicle that comes in at more than 3.5 tonnes, yes, you need HGV insurance. This insurance is legally required to cover potential risks like accidents and damage. Beyond legal obligations, it provides crucial financial protection against unexpected incidents, keeping your business on the road.  

However, everyone’s insurance needs are different. It’s not only about deciding between single or fleet insurance. If you rely on a policy that’s not specific to your needs, that could cause your claims to be refused. To prevent that situation, we’ll go through all the different points listed below to get you the right insurance package: 

HGV fleet insurance

Claims management cover

Optional European cover

Protected no claims bonus

Own goods or hire and reward usage options

Personal effects cover

Legal cover

Breakdown cover (subject to policy)

Introductory discounts

Any driver cover options

Do you need HGV insurance?

How much does HGV insurance cost?

The cost of HGV insurance varies widely and depends on several factors. These factors include the vehicle type and size, its use, the value of the goods it carries, and the driver’s experience and claims history.  

Additionally, the level of coverage chosen – from basic third-party to comprehensive policies – significantly impacts the price. Understandably, the overall cost of single HGV insurance is going to be a lot more affordable than its fleet counterpart. This is because fleet insurance reflects the larger scale of risk involved.  

There are ways to lower the insurance bill. Opting for a named driver policy for fleets could see you receive cheaper insurance quotes. Adjusting your level of cover can also lower costs – although ensure you still have all the necessary coverage for your business.  

One of the best ways to get a more cost-effective policy is by talking to our insurance experts. We have the knowledge and connections to guide you towards the best deal for the HGV insurance you need.  

How much does HGV insurance cost?

Coverage required for HGV insurance

HGV insurance coverage is different for every business. This is because it needs to be tailored to the specific risks associated with the nature of the goods transported and the vehicle’s operation.  

For example, if you transport temperature-sensitive items like frozen or refrigerated food, it’s essential to have coverage for relevant scenarios that could result in spoilage. A vehicle or refrigerator breakdown can see the goods rendered unusable, for which you might be liable.  

Similarly, transporting high-value goods highlights the need for a policy which accurately reflects the increased financial risk. If the right insurance wasn’t used, and you had a truckload of premium items stolen, this would have serious ramifications on your business finances.  

With a specialist insurance broker working by your side, you don’t have to worry about what cover is necessary for your HGV insurance policy – we’ll have it all sorted for you.  

HGV insurance: what coverage is required?

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