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Types of taxi insurance

Single taxi driving down a street

Single vehicle taxi insurance

Single vehicle taxi insurance has been made specifically for individual taxi operators. This personalised insurance type focuses on a sole operator's unique needs and risks, supplying broad coverage for their specific vehicle. We can provide cover for either individual public hire or private hire cabs.

Fleet of mini buses

Taxi fleet insurance

Taxi fleet insurance serves businesses operating multiple taxis, offering a unified coverage solution that simplifies management and reduces costs compared to insuring vehicles individually. Other benefits of taxi fleet insurance include a single renewal date, adding named drivers, and using telematics to track your vehicle.

Do you need taxi insurance?

The unique nature of taxi services, where drivers are compensated for hire and reward, demands a taxi badge and dedicated taxi insurance for any vehicles you operate. This insurance ensures both you and your passengers are protected, financially, in the event of accidents or other unforeseen circumstances.  

Unlike standard policies, taxi insurance caters to the specific risks associated with the day-to-day operations of a taxi service.  

Do you need taxi insurance?

Private hire and public hire insurance: What's the difference?

Private hire and public hire insurance are two distinct types of coverage for taxis, each catering to different operational models.

Private hire insurance is for taxis that operate on a pre-booked basis only. This includes minicabs. These vehicles cannot legally pick up passengers without prior booking. As a result, private hire insurance accounts for the lower risk associated with scheduled pickups and the absence of hailing a taxi.

On the other hand, public hire insurance is designed for taxis that can be hailed on the streets. Examples include traditional black cabs and hackney carriages. These vehicles face higher risks due to the nature of picking up passengers without prior bookings, often in busy urban areas. These additional risks are addressed by public hire insurance to provide coverage that reflects the service's spontaneous nature.

Private hire and public hire insurance: what's the difference?

Do you need public liability insurance?

Whilst it may not be legally mandatory, it is highly advisable all taxi drivers have public liability insurance. This type of insurance provides protection against claims made by third parties for injuries or damages incurred either while in your taxi, or as a result of your business operations.  

Considering the nature of taxi services, where interaction with the public is frequent, and the risk of direct accidents or incidents is higher, public liability insurance acts as a crucial safety net. If you encounter legal claims or lawsuits, this insurance can prevent the financial implications from being devastating.  

In some cases, your taxi insurance policy could feature an element that incorporates public liability insurance. However, it's essential to check this is the case. If it isn't, you may have to purchase this either as a separate policy or add-on.  

Do you need public liability insurance?

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