IoT asset tracking explained

Monitor the real-time locations of your assets

Get alerts on complex features, like temperature or charge

Enhance efficiency, security, and sustainability

What is IoT asset tracking?

IoT asset tracking integrates the Internet of Things (IoT) with GPS technology, allowing you to monitor and manage assets in real time. By using GPS devices, your business can track the precise location of your assets, which offers enhanced visibility and control – but that’s not all. IoT-enabled devices can also monitor vehicle health, including battery and engine temperature and sensors for temperature controlled loads.

Using an IoT asset tracking system enhances asset management by supplying comprehensive data to optimise operations and improve security.

How does IoT asset tracking work?

IoT asset tracking operates by equipping assets with GPS devices. These devices transmit real-time data to a central system via the Internet, and this data can include everything from battery levels to the temperature of refrigerated trailers. On-board diagnostics (OBD) sensors are used to gain accurate readings.

The data collected is accessible through a user-friendly platform. Your business can then monitor your assets in real-time, receive alerts for any irregularities, and generate detailed reports for analysis and optimisation.

Benefits of IoT asset tracking

Enhanced asset utilisation

Data gained allows you to optimise asset utilisation. Your business can analyse usage patterns and identify ways to reduce idle times and keep your assets functioning regularly.

Remain up and running

IoT asset tracking sensors allow you to continually be aware of vehicle health. This helps to schedule maintenance when required and reduces the possibility of breakdowns.

Real-time location tracking

With real-time tracking, you have the ability to know the exact location of your assets at all times. This improves both security and operational efficiency.

Temperature monitoring

Real-time temperature tracking in refrigerated trailers is possible through our OBD devices. This ensures the integrity of temperature-sensitive cargo when travelling from A to B.

Improved decision-making

IoT asset tracking provides access to comprehensive data and reports. With this valuable information, you can make informed decisions and enhance business strategies.

Security enhancement

By receiving instant alerts if any assets move unexpectedly, it reduces the risk of theft and unauthorised use. The chances of recovery for stolen assets are also boosted significantly.

Which industries benefit from IoT asset tracking?

Difference between IoT-enabled asset tracking and regular asset tracking systems

IoT-enabled asset tracking systems leverage the Internet of Things technology to provide up-to-date, dynamic data on asset location, condition, and usage. Unlike regular asset tracking systems, which may rely solely on basic GPS or manual entry, IoT-enabled systems offer numerous enhanced features. These features include alerts, preventative maintenance monitoring via OBD devices, and temperature tracking for sensitive cargo.

This asset tracking IoT connectivity delivers continuous data flow and more comprehensive asset management. The result: better decision-making, increased security, and enhanced overall efficiency.

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