Small business vehicle tracking

Gain complete visibility of your vehicles

Boost fleet management and customer service

Enhance vehicle security and driver safety

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Vehicle tracking solutions to support your small business

Gain visibility of your fleet

With a GPS tracking system, you can view the real time vehicle location and review past journeys and routes.

Reduce operating costs

Maximise fuel consumption, cut wasted mileage and reduce vehicle wear and tear.

Improve driver safety

Track driver behaviour and encourage the development of safe driving practices. Incentivise drivers for good performance.

Enhance security

Aid the recovery of a stolen vehicle, and be alerted to unexpected movement of vehicles fitted with a GPS car tracking system.

What is vehicle tracking?

Small business vehicle tracking encompasses the use of GPS technology to monitor and manage the location, routes, and status of vehicles owned by a company. This advanced tracking capability allows for real-time visibility into the fleet, enabling businesses to optimise routes, reduce operational costs, and ensure timely deliveries. Furthermore, it supports enhanced security measures by allowing for the swift recovery of vehicles in the event of theft.

Our fleet management system, Kinesis, has been designed with small businesses in mind, making it easy to track a small fleet with space to scale and grow with your business.

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How vehicle tracking can help your small business

Implementing vehicle tracking solutions from Radius ensures your fleet is always connected, enhancing the safety of your drivers on the road while optimising vehicle usage.

Real-time tracking provides constant communication with all vehicles, allowing for immediate response in case of emergencies. This constant connectivity ensures drivers are never left unsupported, increasing their safety and security.

Additionally, by monitoring driving behaviour, small businesses can identify and correct risky practices, further protecting their employees. Optimising vehicle usage becomes straightforward with comprehensive data on each vehicle.

These insights allow for smarter dispatching, reduced idle times, and can inform decisions on vehicle maintenance and lifecycle management, leading to significant cost savings and improved efficiency.

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Why Radius offers the best vehicle tracking for small businesses

Radius is hugely experienced when it comes to helping small businesses enhance their fleet management practices. Our GPS devices are easy to use, require minimal installation and can be managed through a user-friendly interface, making it simple for small business owners to integrate into their operations.

GPS tracking allows you to view and manage your vehicles from anywhere, our vehicle tracking software, Kinesis, is designed to make your fleet management easy and efficient. With Kinesis, small businesses can streamline their operations by tracking their vehicles in real-time, optimising routes to reduce fuel costs, and improving overall productivity.

This user-friendly software offers valuable insights into driver behaviour, enabling small businesses to enhance safety measures and reduce the risk of accidents. Additionally, the system provides detailed reporting on vehicle maintenance schedules, helping you stay on top of servicing needs and avoid costly repairs.

By leveraging the GPS fleet tracking power of Kinesis, small businesses can achieve cost savings, improve operational efficiency, and ensure the safety of their drivers and vehicles.


Our vehicle tracking for small businesses allows you to maximise fleet productivity.

Real-time location tracking: Our system integrates seamlessly with Google Maps, giving you a live map view.

Journey history: Get detailed information about past journeys and the routes taken.

Estimated time of arrival (ETA): Our system provides precise information about when a vehicle is expected to reach a destination.

Geofences: You can set up geofences to monitor specific areas and receive alerts in case any of your vehicles enter or leave these locations.

Driver behaviour monitoring: Our fleet vehicle tracking system allows you to track and evaluate driver behaviour, promoting safer driving practices.

Detailed reporting: Access a wide range of reports that provide valuable insights into your fleet's performance.

Mileage tracking: Keep track of private and professional mileage for tax and reporting purposes.

Fuel consumption: Cut wasted mileage and ensure good driving practices to optimise fuel consumption and cut fuel costs.

Benefits of vehicle tracking for small businesses

Cost savings

By examining the information gathered by a fleet tracker, companies can pinpoint opportunities for saving money. This includes streamlining routes to decrease fuel usage, minimising idle time, and preventing vehicle damage by scheduling proactive vehicle maintenance.

Driver behaviour monitoring

Vehicle tracking enables the analysis of driver behaviour, identifying risky driving habits that can cause accidents or vehicle wear and tear, promoting safer and more cost-efficient driving practices.

Insurance benefits

Many insurance providers offer discounts for businesses that have vehicles equipped with a GPS tracking device. By demonstrating a proactive approach to preventing vehicle theft, you can negotiate lower insurance premiums for your fleet.

Enhanced security

Our fleet tracking system provides an added layer of security by enabling real-time monitoring and tracking of your fleet. In the event of vehicle theft or unauthorised use, these systems can help recover stolen vehicles quickly and increase the chances of apprehending the culprits.

Improved customer service

GPS fleet trackers allow businesses to give customers timely updates on delivery status and location. This transparency builds trust, customer satisfaction, and reliable service.

Maintain regulatory and compliance requirements of your fleet

Help keep your drivers and fleet compliant with regular vehicle checks collected electronically, to proactively manage vehicle maintenance.

A vehicle tracking system that's easy to use

For fleet tracking, you need a platform designed around for your needs. Our vehicle tracking solutions are powered by our cloud-based Kinesis platform, providing convenient access to efficient fleet management.

Leveraging the power of easy-to-read maps integrated with Google Maps, it offers unparalleled visibility into the real-time locations of all fleet vehicles. This integration not only enables fleet managers to track the precise location of each vehicle but also provides detailed insights into traffic conditions, route history, and even estimated arrival times.

 The software seamlessly presents vehicle details, including current status, driver identity, and fuel level, ensuring that fleet managers are always informed and can make data-driven decisions. This level of detail and accessibility makes Kinesis an essential tool for optimising fleet efficiency and improving operational workflow.

Tracking commercial vehicles for your small business

For small business owners, the decision to implement a commercial vehicle tracking system represents a strategic investment in efficiency and security. With tight margins and the necessity to optimise every aspect of operations, small businesses, in particular, can reap significant benefits from a commercial vehicle tracking system. You can implement a vehicle tracking device into your vehicles, no matter the make up of your fleet.

Fleet of vans


Optimise the performance of your fleet with our advanced van tracking solutions, designed for efficiency and security.


Maximise logistics efficiency with our truck tracking solutions, tailored for the unique demands of heavy goods vehicle fleets.


Experience unparalleled peace of mind with real-time car tracking, ensuring safety and control over your company vehicles.

Electric vehicles

Embrace the future with our EV tracking, offering electric fleet visibility and insights to drive fleet performance and optimisation.

Our tracking devices

When it comes to ensuring you have the right tracking unit in place, Radius has you covered. We offer a selection of fleet tracker units to cater to all of your requirements. You need to know the GPS tracking device in your vehicles will support your operations.

Each GPS tracking device available can be installed by you, with the tracking unit powered either by the vehicle battery, or by connecting the vehicle tracker to the ODB port in the vehicle - which offers the added advantage of collecting additional data, such as odometer readings.

Self-installation ensures you can get up and running quickly, and both the battery powered and ODB port options are simple processes, with detailed instructions provided.

Alternatively, we can arrange for a professional engineer to install the appropriate GPS tracker, for a small additional cost.

When supplying the vehicle tracking device for your fleet of vehicles, we will take the time to understand your needs and recommend the best GPS tracking device for your small business.

Optimising fuel consumption with fuel card integration

Optimising fuel consumption helps businesses to keep control of this cost, helping the bottom line. At Radius, we offer a range of fuel cards which give you access to better rates at the pump, streamline paying of your fleet fuel bill, and deliver insights and reports on your fuel spend.

Our vehicle tracking and fuel card solutions are integrated, allowing you to confirm that your van or other fleet vehicle was present when the fuel card was used, get a detailed view of MPG, and compare fuel use to mileage travelled.

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