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Our comprehensive Kinesis vehicle tracking software delivers a wide range of solutions for all business types and vehicle classes. Paired up with our advanced vehicle tracking devices, it provides real-time fleet tracking, comprehensive driver performance analysis, advanced telematics, and much more. This allows you to manage your fleet much more efficiently.

Despite overflowing with features, our business vehicle tracking software is built to be user-friendly. The easy-to-use interface is accessible via web and mobile applications, and it means you can stay connected to your fleet anytime, anywhere.

Real-time tracking

Our GPS vehicle tracking software provides live, real-time updates on your fleet’s location. As well as being able to view the current status of your vehicles, you can analyse recent routes and activity history. This is done through intuitive maps and detailed information panels.

We take it a step further without geofencing capabilities, allowing you to set virtual boundaries and receive instant alerts when vehicles enter or leave designated areas. All of these features enable you to monitor and manage your company’s vehicles effectively.

Key features of our vehicle GPS tracking system

Live map

Live map

Gain a live view of the location of your vehicles and assets with our Live Map. Track the location and status of each vehicle, improving safety and security, and helping you to make informed day-to-day operational decisions.

Benefits of our vehicle tracking software

Greater control

With our vehicle tracking software, you gain complete visibility into your fleet’s movements and driver behaviours. This allows for more effective operations management.

Improve safety

It’s possible to monitor driving patterns through our GPS tracking software. You can then potentially identify training needs, which reduces dangerous driving habits and accidents.

Increase security

Receive alerts if vehicles deviate from expected routes or geofences. By doing so, the security of your valuable vehicles is enhanced.

Reduce costs

By monitoring fuel efficiency and vehicle performance, this helps to lower petrol expenses and minimise inefficient driving.

Easy integration

Our commercial vehicle tracking software can be seamlessly integrated with other systems, including fuel cards and tachographs. The result is comprehensive fleet management.

Customisable reporting

With select Radius packages, you have the ability to produce tailored reports and alerts. This ensures the right information reaches the right people.

Vehicle tracking software for any fleet

Whatever the makeup of your fleet, you will be able to utilise our vehicle tracking software.

Fleet of vans

Van tracking

With automatic vehicle tracking software, you can track deliveries, optimise routes, and monitor driver performance. This all leads to improved operational efficiency.

Truck tracking

Maximise logistics efficiency with our truck tracking solutions, tailored for the unique demands of heavy goods vehicle fleets

Car tracking

Experience unparalleled peace of mind with real-time car tracking, ensuring safety and control over your company vehicles.

EV tracking

Our vehicle tracking software is also compatible with electric vehicles. This includes monitoring performance and checking the charge levels of your EV fleet.

Full visibility and control of fleet operations

With our vehicle tracking software, fleet managers gain complete visibility and control over their operations. Real-time tracking allows you to see where every vehicle is located at any given moment. This allows you to maximise route planning and achieve timely deliveries.

Our software also provides detailed reports on driver behaviour, vehicle performance, and fuel usage, all of which helps to identify areas for improvement and reduce operational costs.

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Vehicle protection taken to the next level

Our GPS software for vehicle tracking plays a key role in stolen vehicle recovery. With real-time tracking and geofencing, you can fast pinpoint the location of a stolen vehicle. We then coordinate with local police for its safe, legal recovery. We have a 95% success rate in successfully recovering stolen vehicles.

Both Thatcham (S7) and police approved (secured by design), our stolen recovery service is included free of charge as part of your subscription. For non powered assets, we also have asset tracking software and devices.

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White label vehicle tracking software

Our white label vehicle tracking software offers businesses the opportunity to brand our software as their own, providing a comprehensive, first-rate solution for their clients. All the features of our Kinesis tracking system – from real-time tracking to advanced telematics – can be offered under your brand name.

Want to learn more about how you can include our premium tracking solution as part of your company’s offerings? Get in touch today.

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