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EDC fuel cards for European refuelling

Accepted at over 16,200 fuel stations in 15 European countries

The most competitive international diesel prices on the market

Pay for Eurovignettes and toll roads and access our VAT recovery service

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European Diesel Card

What is the EDC card?

Perfect for fleets of HGVs or coaches that travel across Europe, the EDC card (also known as the European Diesel Card) offers a wide range of features and benefits for UK businesses looking to streamline their fuel management. With extensive acceptance at fuel stations throughout Europe, the card provides convenient access to diesel, coupled with features such as detailed reporting, cost control tools, and specialised services tailored for the unique needs of long-distance transport operators. 

The EDC card goes beyond just fuel access; it empowers businesses with comprehensive solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency. From navigating cross-border logistics to optimising fuel expenses, the EDC card is a strategic asset for companies seeking a competitive edge in the dynamic landscape of European transportation. Additional features from which EDC card owners can benefit include the EETS toll box, which automatically covers toll payments for key transport routes across Europe, alongside the integrated European VAT reclaim service, designed to save you both time and hassle. 

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Save time

Fill up at locations convenient to you with access to over 16,200 fuel stations in 15 European countries. Find stations and map your journey with our e-route tool, as well as paperless HMRC-compliant invoices, automated payments and straightforward admin.

Save money

Simple, competitive tariffs that help you save each time you fill up. EDC provides a fixed weekly pricing model for diesel, ensuring you're aware of your diesel expenses upfront before making any purchases.

Easy online management

Manage your cards, invoices, transactions, alerts, limits and more online with Radius Velocity. You can also access a range of reports to better understand usage and driver behaviour.

More than just fuel

Add carbon offsetting for your business fuel, access sustainable fuel like HVO, and pay for European road tolls. You can also use your fuel card to purchase other vehicle-related products like AdBlue®.

How it works


A few quick questions

Tell us a bit about your business and what you need.


The best solution

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Fill up and start saving

Apply for your cards online or by phone, then use them across Europe for discounted prices.

Find your fuel card

EDC fuel card locations

The EDC fuel card network has an impressive reach, offering a multitude of convenient EDC fuel card locations across Europe for effortless control over your company’s refuelling. From motorways to urban centres and further afield, the EDC network ensures accessibility wherever your journey may take you.  

Beyond the European borders, the card seamlessly integrates with the entire UK Fuels network, encompassing over 3,700 sites nationwide. This extended reach enhances your fuelling options, providing unparalleled flexibility for businesses operating domestically in the United Kingdom. Whether navigating European highways or local routes in the UK, the EDC fuel card ensures you fuel up with ease. 

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Use the e-route app to find stations that accept the EDC fuel card

One of the biggest benefits of the EDC fuel card is that it grants you instant access to the EDC e-route site locator app. More than just your average map, e-route provides you with quick and easy overviews of your nearest EDC card-compatible fuel stations, no matter where you may be. The app's user-friendly interface and real-time updates make it a valuable tool for on-the-go businesses, ensuring you always find the most convenient fuel stations to optimise your business’ journeys and fuel expenditure. 

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EDC fuel card benefits

Fixed weekly diesel pricing across Europe

The EDC card offers a distinctive fixed weekly pricing structure for diesel, providing transparency in advance of your diesel purchases.

Itemised invoicing

EDC card customers will receive a VAT-compliant invoice specific to each country, with a breakdown of purchases by card or driver.

Secure fuel payments with PIN protection

All EDC cards come with PIN protection. You can activate or restrict each card by country and set spending limits, adding an extra layer of security to your fuel transactions.

Extensive network of over 16,200 fuelling locations in Europe

With EDC's rapidly expanding network of over 16,200 sites, you can refuel conveniently without detours or searching for filling stations.

Use e-route to locate stations with competitive diesel prices

Our free online mapping tool, e-route, facilitates point-to-point and route searches to identify cost-effective refuelling sites across Europe. You can also filter by site type and discover the products and services offered at each refuelling stop.

Use the Radius Velocity platform

Our complimentary and leading online fleet management tool, Radius Velocity, empowers you to handle your accounts, access and print invoices, generate precise fuel efficiency reports, and maintain effective control over fuel expenditure.

Personalised Account Management

Enjoy the support of a dedicated account manager for all your queries, assisting you in finding the best network and pricing options for your business.

Cost-effective solution

EDC fuel card prices explained

If you’re looking for more predictable pricing when it comes to fuel, the EDC fuel card may be a great fit for you. Each week, you’ll be sent a fixed weekly pricing report, enabling you to benefit from market prices and reduce the risk of any nasty unexpected surprises in your fuel bill, allowing for better financial planning and stability in your overall expenses.  

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Additional benefits

Get more from your EDC fuel cards

Toll Station
All-in-One toll solution

Among our various toll payment solutions, the EDC EETS toll box consolidates toll payments for Europe's major transport routes across seven countries into a single box. Simplify payment with a single invoice.

European HGV fleet
European VAT and excise duty recovery service

We offer a European VAT reclaim service as part of your EDC account, meaning you don’t need to put individual claims through for each country you visit. We’ll automatically upload your invoices to process your claim, and you’ll be able to receive your refunds quarterly.


Radius Velocity: revolutionising fuel management

Radius Velocity is our free, state-of-the-art online account management system, available to all EDC fuel card holders on both web browser and the mobile app, making it perfect to use when planning journeys or whilst you’re on the go. With real-time monitoring and security features, HMRC-approved invoices and even pricing and security alerts, Radius Velocity has everything you could need to manage your company’s fuelling at just the touch of a button. What’s more, you can use your EDC card to pay for other vehicle-related products such as oil, lubricants, and AdBlue.


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