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Optimise your van fleet with Radius telematics solutions. Real-time tracking, driver monitoring, advanced data analytics – take your business to the next level.

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What is van telematics?

Van telematics involves the use of technology to monitor and manage van fleets. This is done through a combination of data collection and analysis. It provides real-time insights into vehicle performance, location, and driver behaviour. The result: a business can enhance the operational efficiency and safety of their vans.

At Radius, we offer advanced telematics solutions that are created specifically to meet the needs of van fleets.

How does van telematics work?

Van telematics systems use GPS technology and onboard sensors to collect data from the vehicle. Speed, location, and fuel consumption are data types that are collected, and this information is transmitted via cellular networks. Once it reaches a central server, the data is analysed and presented through our Kinesis software interface.

With this data, fleet managers can access real-time data to do everything from monitor van performance to plan out efficient routes.

Benefits of van telematics

An efficiency upgrade

Through the power of real-time tracking and route optimisation, efficiency can be improved in multiple ways. This includes via reduced travel time and fuel consumption.

Enhanced safety

Van telematics allows you to monitor and analyse driver behaviour. This information can help promote safe driving practices, which reduces the risk of accidents in the future.

Save money

Thanks to better fuel management and optimised routes, this reduces operational costs. Additionally, proactive maintenance extends the life of each van, further helping to save money.

Adhere to regulatory requirements

Telematics systems help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This can include everything from driver hours to vehicle inspections.

Higher customer satisfaction levels

When you offer accurate tracking and perform fast deliveries, this naturally results in enhanced customer service. The result: customers are happier with your company.

Asset protection

Real-time alerts and monitoring enhance vehicle security. As a result, it reduces the risk of van theft and unauthorised use.

Our software

When managing van fleets, you want a software solution that offers a powerful, easy-to-use, and feature-packed software package. That’s what you get at Radius. Our Kinesis telematics software features customisable reports, advanced analytics capabilities, vehicle location tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, and real-time data visualisation.

Even with all these features, the user-friendly interface makes it straightforward to use the software – and this gives you the opportunity to maximise van fleet performance with ease.

Our devices

At Radius, we offer a number of telematics devices that function perfectly with vans. Robust and easy to install, these devices integrate seamlessly with van systems. With key features like GPS tracking and fuel consumption analysis, you gain accurate, real-time data on various aspects of van performance.

With Radius devices, your business can effectively manage its van fleet, reduce maintenance costs, enhance operational efficiency, and much more.

Telematics Hardware

The installation process

The installation process for our van telematics devices is both straightforward and quick, typically taking no more than 20 minutes per vehicle. These self-installation devices come with support materials, including detailed instructions and how-to videos. Our solutions are designed for easy integration, allowing fleet managers to set up and activate them without the need for professional assistance.

Prefer professional installation? At Radius, we also offer expert installation services. Swift and efficient, you can have peace of mind about optimal device placement and functionality.

How van telematics can affect insurance

Van telematics promote safer driving habits and supply valuable data on vehicle use. Real-time monitoring of driver behaviour helps reduce accidents, while theft prevention features enhance vehicle security. As a result, this can support a serious reduction in insurance premiums. Insurance companies may offer discounts for fleets that demonstrate proactive risk management through telematics.

Any driver policy: what does it mean?

Van telematics solutions from Radius

Van tracking

Van tracking provides several advantages. Through real-time GPS tracking, you can monitor van location, optimise routes, and enhance delivery efficiency.

Van dash cams

Dash cams are known for recording driving events – yet that’s not all. They also enhance safety and offer valuable evidence in case of incidents involving your vans.

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