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Free Radius Velocity software to help you reduce your fuel expenditure

Suitable for diesel and petrol fleets as well as electric vehicles

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Manage your fleet's fuel more effectively

Radius has been a leading provider of fleet fuel cards since we were founded as UK Fuels in 1990. Today, we work with all major brands as well as operating our own UK Fuels network.

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Fleet fuel cards

How fleet cards can help your business

Fleet cards are valuable tools that are specifically designed to help businesses with fleets of multiple vehicles, offering streamlined fuel purchasing, expense tracking, and cost control. They make fuel expense management easy with consolidated and weekly itemised invoicing and payments. The cards also allow fleet managers to set spending limits, monitor purchases, and mitigate misuse. Radius offers fleet fuel cards for all of the major fuel station networks including our own UK Fuels cards.

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Save time

Fill up at locations convenient to you with access to over 86% of fuel stations in the UK. Find stations and map your journey with our e-route tool, as well as paperless HMRC-compliant invoices, automated payments and straightforward admin.

Save money

Simple, competitive tariffs that help you save each time you fill up, with discounts of up to 10p a litre. Choose between a fixed weekly price or a guaranteed saving off the pump price, plus loyalty points depending on the card you pick.

Easy online management

Manage your cards, invoices, transactions, alerts, limits and more online with Radius Velocity. You can also access a range of reports to better understand usage and driver behaviour.

More than just fuel

Add carbon offsetting for your business fuel, access sustainable fuel like HVO, and get hybrid or EV charging cards. You can also use your fuel card to purchase other vehicle-related products like AdBlue®.

How it works


A few quick questions

Tell us a bit about your business and what you need.


The best solution

We filter through our wide range to provide the best product for you.


Fill up and start saving

Apply for your cards online or by phone, then use them across the UK for discounted prices.

Find your fuel card

Find the best fleet fuel card for your business

If you’re looking to find the best fleet fuel card to suit your business needs, we can help. Here you can find out more about each of the best fuel cards for fleets, such as Fleetone, BP Plus, Esso National, Shell Multi-Network, and Texaco Fastfuel, allowing you to compare each of their individual features and benefits to find the right fit for your fleet’s unique requirements.


What are the benefits of fleet cards?

Cost savings for fleets

Enjoy competitive, transparent fuel prices, maximising your fleet's financial efficiency and ensuring clear visibility of your fuel expenditure.

Extensive fuel network

Access some of the largest fuel networks, with over 7,200 stations to choose from in the UK alone.

Efficient invoicing

Streamline your business fuel claims with paperless, HMRC-compliant invoices accessible through the Radius Velocity online management portal.

Loyalty points programme

Benefit from loyalty points on selected cards, accumulating rewards from BPme, Shell Go+, Nectar, and Tesco Clubcard based on your preferences.

Automated payments

Simplify fuel payments by setting up a direct debit, ensuring seamless and timely transactions every week.

E-route journey planner

Plan your journeys efficiently with our free app, helping you find fuel stations that accept your fleet fuel card along your route.

Comprehensive reporting

Receive detailed monthly reports in your inbox, providing valuable insights and analysis for informed decision-making.

Customised alerts

Stay in control with custom alerts on spending, fuel amounts, and more, tailored to meet the specific needs of your fleet.

Purchase review

Gain full control over your expenses by reviewing purchases made by date, location, or driver, ensuring transparency and accountability in your fleet management.

Electric vehicle fleets

Finding the best EV fleet card for your business

In the constantly evolving landscape that is sustainable fleet management, electric vehicle (EV) fleet cards have become pivotal tools, providing businesses with streamlined solutions to help them efficiently manage their transportation expenditure. Also called EV charge cards, they are tailored specifically for fleets with electric-powered vehicles, EV fleet cards offer advanced and user-friendly solutions to enable you to gain more control over your fleet’s costs. The fuelplus hybrid card, for instance, stands out by offering access to over 4,500 UK charging locations and 17 different charge point operators with just one card, providing not only convenience but also transparency across fuel and electricity prices.

EV charge card in use
Electric vehicle being charged
Additional benefits

Get more from your fuel cards

A line of parked electric vans on charge

Sustainable fuel

Your fleet can use sustainable fuels like HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) or use EV charge cards for electric and hybrid vehicles.

AdBlue® and more

Buy AdBlue® and other vehicle-related products for your fleet like oils and lubricants and it will be included in your weekly invoice.

Carbon offset for your fleet fuel
Carbon offset for your fleet fuel

Offset 100% of your fleets carbon emissions from the fuel you buy with the Radius Future programme and our partnership with Forest Carbon


Fuel management made simple with Radius Velocity

Keeping on top of invoices for fuel expenses is no easy feat for any business, never mind those who have an entire fleet of vehicles to keep track of. That’s where Radius Velocity comes in. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, Radius Velocity streamlines the entire process, a centralised platform where you can effortlessly track, manage, and reconcile fuel expenditures for your entire fleet. Say goodbye to the complexities of fleet fuel management – and say hello to a hassle-free experience, giving you more time to focus on what matters most to your business. It’s available via web browser or as a convenient app.

View and download your invoices online.

Set up custom alerts for limits on spending, fuel amounts and more.

Forgotten your fuel card PIN? Get a reminder right away.

Review purchases made by date, location or driver.

Run reports to better understand fuel usage and driver behaviour.

Block lost or stolen fuel cards and request a replacement.

Integrate other fleet, mobility and connectivity solutions like telematics, telecoms, insurance, vehicle solutions and EV.

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Fleet fuel management made simple with Radius Velocity

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