Commercial vehicle fuel cards to make haulage simple

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Save money with fixed weekly prices

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Fuel cards for commercial vehicles: everything you need to know

Whether your company operates heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), vans or coaches, managing commercial vehicles can be resource intensive. Keeping track of permits, vehicle maintenance and driver expense claims is bound to keep your admin team busy throughout the week. While a large and busy admin team is good for a healthy business, you can save your employees time and stress by streamlining more complex management practices. Fuel cards are a great way to monitor and manage your fleet and drivers, and to cut down on extra paperwork.

fleetone in hand

Fuel cards for commercial vehicle fleets

The benefits of commercial vehicle fuel cards

Save money

Save money with competitive fuel prices and loyalty points. Predict costs more easily with fixed weekly tariffs.

Save time

Save time managing your fleet with a single online login for invoices, reports and payments.

Secure payments

Enjoy the additional security of PIN-protected cards and a private company login to view invoices.

Replace cards easily

Cancel lost cards and order new ones quickly and easily with Radius Velocity, accessible from an app or on desktop.

HGV-accessible fuel stations

Refuel at HGV-accessible fuel stations across the UK, including plenty of motorway and overnight stops.

EU support

Refuel at stations across several countries in the EU, perfect for companies running large-scale haulage operations.

Which commercial vehicles can use a fuel card?

Fleet of vans in queue

Fuel cards for vans

Van fuel cards are great for sole traders driving equipment door-to-door, or large companies operating fleets of repair vans. A wide range of local fuel stations are available in convenient locations throughout towns, cities and suburbs.

A line of parked HGVs

Fuel cards for HGVs

HGV fuel cards are perfect for heavy goods vehicles travelling across UK and EU motorways. Support your large-scale haulage operations with access to high-quality fuel at HGV stations along all major UK routes.  

Fuel cards for buses and coaches

Commercial fuel cards for buses and coaches can help your fleet to go the extra mile. Access fuel wherever your drivers need to go with UK-wide networks including thousands of fuel stations at competitive prices.

Additional benefits

Get more from your commercial vehicle fuel card

A line of parked electric vans on charge

EV and sustainable fuels

Reducing your carbon footprint has never been simpler: access solutions for electric van charging or switch your HGVs to HVO fuel without changing up your fuel card plan.


Buy AdBlue with a fuel card

Reduce your carbon footprint with AdBlue available for purchase on a fuel card. Take steps to make your diesel engines more eco-friendly without making pricey changes to your fleet.

Toll Station

Pay EU tolls with toll tags

Install toll tags on your fleet to make EU toll payments without stopping your vehicles every time. View toll payments on an online invoice and review your routes across Europe to save money and fuel.

Carbon offset for your fleet fuel

Offset your carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon emissions with analytics provided by Radius Velocity, helping you to take informed steps towards eco-friendly operation.

Managing your vehicle fuel cards with Radius Velocity

Manage your commercial vehicle fleets with access to Radius Velocity, our online portal for fuel card management. Review current and past invoices and run reports to analyse your MPG rates and fuel usage, highlighting problem areas and helping you to plan ahead.


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