HGV fuel cards for commercial fleets

Access one of the biggest independent HGV fuel networks

Over 900 sites suitable for HGVs, including motorways and truck stops

Competitive fixed weekly pricing in line with the market

HGV/Truck/Lorry on the road

Manage your HGV fuel more effectively

Radius has been a leading provider of HGV fuel cards since we were founded as UK Fuels in 1990. Today, we work with all major brands as well as operating our own UK Fuels network.

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How does an HGV fuel card differ from a standard fuel card?

HGV fuel cards come with a range of invaluable features designed specifically to meet the needs of heavy goods vehicle operators. One of the biggest advantages of fuel cards for HGVs is that they allow you to access extensive networks, including a multitude of motorway stations, enabling your fleet to refuel quickly and easily on any long-haul journey. Another benefit of HGV fuel cards is their eligibility for use at fuel stations with high canopies and high-speed pumps, further accommodating to the unique requirements of larger vehicles.  

The cards can also be used at designated truck stops, making your driver’s breaks far more efficient. The card's commercial pricing structure is a key advantage, with each option offering its own cost-effective rates tailored for commercial usage.  

With these features, HGV fuel cards not only enhance the efficiency of your company’s refuelling process, but also make significant contributions to cost savings related to the heavy goods vehicles in your business. 


HGV fuel tank
Save time

Fill up at locations convenient to you with access to over 900 HGV-accessible fuel stations in the UK. Find stations and map your journey with our e-route tool, as well as paperless HMRC-compliant invoices, automated payments and straightforward admin.

Save money

Competitive pricing that is fixed each week with regular notifications, so you can plan your fuel expenditure and manage your fuel budget.

Easy online management

Manage your cards, invoices, transactions, alerts, limits and more online with Radius Velocity. You can also access a range of reports to better understand usage and driver behaviour.

More than just fuel

Add carbon offsetting for your business fuel, access sustainable fuel like HVO, and get hybrid or EV charging cards. You can also use your fuel card to purchase other vehicle-related products like AdBlue®.

How it works


A few quick questions

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The best solution

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Fill up and start saving

Apply for your cards online or by phone, then use them across the UK for discounted prices.

Find your fuel card

Which is the best HGV fuel card?

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect HGV fuel card to align with your business’ needs, we can help. Here you can explore the key features and benefits of fuel cards tailored for HGV fleets.


What are the benefits of fuel cards for HGVs?

Savings on diesel 

HGV fuel cards unlock some of the most competitive rates, optimising your HGV fleet's financial performance and providing a clear overview of your business’ fuel expenses.

Extensive fuel station access

Access extensive fuel networks, with over 7,200 stations in the UK, including over 900 stations suitable for HGVs and more than 190 motorway service stations and truck stops.

Simplified invoicing

Effortlessly manage your HGV fuel claims with paperless, HMRC-compliant invoices accessible through the user-friendly Radius Velocity online management portal.

Automated transaction handling

Facilitate HGV fuel payments by setting up a direct debit, ensuring seamless and punctual transactions on a weekly basis.

E-route journey planning

Efficiently plan lorry, wagon, truck or coach journeys using our complimentary app, making it easy to find stations compatible with your HGV fuel card along your route.

Thorough reporting

Receive detailed monthly reports directly to your inbox, providing valuable insights and analysis for well-informed decision-making regarding your HGV fleet.

Tailored alerts

Gain more control with personalised alerts covering spending, fuel amounts, and more, customised to suit the unique requirements of your HGV fleet management.

Expense review

Oversee your HGV fleet expenses by reviewing purchases based on date, location, or driver, ensuring transparency and accountability in your financial management.

Cost-effective solution

HGV fuel card prices 

One of the biggest benefits of a fuel card is commercial pricing, which brings with it the potential for substantial discounts. These savings allow trucking companies to secure some of the most competitive rates on fuel, which can translate into significant cost savings over time, contributing to the overall financial efficiency of HGV operations within the business.  

HGV cab
International coverage

European HGV fuel cards

Designed specifically for HGV and coach fleets crisscrossing Europe, the European Diesel Card (EDC) boasts widespread acceptance across European fuel stations whilst providing detailed reporting and cost control tools, alongside specialised services that cater to the distinctive needs of long-distance transport operators. 

edc card in use on a card reader

HGV parking and washing made simple

One key benefit of being an HGV fuel card holder is the ability to use your card to pay for and pre-book HGV parking and washing at 119 sites across the UK. Not only does this help reduce stress caused by inadequate parking availability - especially at night - but it’s also designed to help improve HGV driver welfare and road safety.

HGV fleet insurance
Diesel bunkering service

HGV fuel bunkering

For fleets and large hauliers that use high volumes of diesel, we offer our diesel bunkering services. You can purchase your diesel at favourable, commercial rates from your preferred suppliers and then draw it at sites on the UK Fuels network, including over 900 HGV-friendly sites and all major truck stops. With simple daily and weekly reports, you can keep control of your stock levels and manage your account online with our Radius Velocity software and our Bunker Portal. 

For companies that have their own on-site fuel tanks, we can arrange bulk diesel deliveries to ensure that your HGVs start their journeys with a full tank. 

A businessperson in a HGV garage holding a tablet
Additional benefits

Get more from your HGV fuel cards

A line of parked electric vans on charge

Sustainable fuels

Our UK Fuels cards allow you to purchase HVO fuel (hydrotreated vegetable oil).

AdBlue® and other products

Keep your HGVs on the road by purchasing Adblue ® and other vehicle-related products with your fuel card.

Toll Station

Some of our cards allow you to pay for toll roads and bridges in Europe and the UK.

Carbon offset for your fleet fuel
Carbon offset for your HGV fuel

Offset 100% of your carbon emissions from the fuel you buy with the Radius Future programme and our partnership with Forest Carbon.


How does Radius Velocity benefit HGV fuel card users?

Radius Velocity is an excellent tool for HGV companies and truck drivers alike. Not only does it provide visibility of all your fuel transactions, but it also enables paperless invoicing and comprehensive expense reviews, saving you precious time. What’s more, Radius Velocity has customised alerts for spending thresholds, fuel amounts and other relevant parameters, offering efficient journey planning for your entire fleet.  

Fleet fuel management made simple with Radius Velocity

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