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Electric van charging explained

While charging an electric van shares similarities with charging an electric car, there are some key differences to consider. Electric vans often have larger batteries, which require more powerful charge points to minimise downtime. Additionally, the charging infrastructure must support operational requirements, whether that be for a single van or a large fleet.

Investing in the appropriate electric van charging solutions can significantly enhance the efficiency and sustainability of your business operations. Whether you need fleet charging, workplace chargers, home solutions, or commercial installations, the Radius Charge team is here to provide expert guidance and reliable charging solutions.

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Best chargers for electric vans

Autel Electric Charger

Autel DC

  • Up to 240kW of DC power available
  • Compatible with the Radius Charge app
  • 21.5” LCD touchscreen for advertising and charger control
  • Universal CCS2 or CHAdeMO connection options

Autel AC

  • Available with a power rating of 7.4kW and 22kW

  • Compatible with the Radius Charge app

  • Incorporated PME fault detection

  • Universal Type 2 connector

Teltonika Electric Charger


  • Available with a power output of 7.4kW

  • Compatible with the Radius Charge app

  • Solar compatible as standard

  • Perfect for installing at employee’s homes

Benefits of electric van charging

Lower operating costs

Electric van charging significantly reduces fuel expenses compared to conventional diesel vehicles, resulting in substantial cost savings for van drivers over the lifetime of their vehicles. Additionally, electric vans generally require less maintenance, meaning reduced maintenance and repair costs for business owners.

Environmental responsibility

Transitioning to electric vans and implementing EV chargers for vans demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Not only does this benefit the environment, but also enhances your brand image and attracts environmentally conscious staff and customers.

Fleet management made easy

Combining our chargers with our EV management software makes overseeing your EV estate seamless. You can remotely monitor charging status, analyse energy consumption data and view transaction reports. This enhanced visibility enables better fleet management decisions, such as route optimisation, vehicle assignment and maintenance scheduling.

Van fleet charging

For businesses operating multiple electric vans, efficient fleet charging solutions are essential. Fleet charging involves installing multiple charging points that can handle the simultaneous charging of several vehicles. This setup ensures that all vans are charged and prepared for daily operations, while also optimising energy usage and reducing costs. By integrating smart chargers with EV management software, fleet managers can schedule and monitor charging sessions to further enhance efficiency, guaranteeing smooth fleet operations without unnecessary delays.

Electric van charger installation

When installing an electric van charger, careful planning is essential to meet the higher power demands and operational needs of vans. This involves assessing the electrical capacity of the premises, choosing the appropriate charger type, and ensuring compliance with safety standards. Professional installation is crucial to address the increased power requirements and to guarantee a reliable and efficient charging process. The Radius Charge team can assist you in designing and installing a bespoke charging solution that aligns with your specific needs.

Van workplace chargers

Workplace chargers are a convenient solution for businesses that need to keep their electric vans ready for use throughout the workday. Installing charging stations at your workplace allows vans to recharge during working hours or overnight, ensuring they are always ready for their next journey. These chargers can be managed through EV management software to optimise charging schedules and reduce energy costs. Offering workplace charging also demonstrates your company’s commitment to sustainability and can be a valuable perk for employees who drive electric vehicles.

Home van chargers

For businesses with employees who take their electric vans home, installing home chargers is a practical solution. Home van chargers provide the convenience of overnight charging, ensuring the van is fully charged and ready each morning. While these chargers are typically less powerful than commercial chargers, they are sufficient for overnight charging. The Radius Charge team can assist with the installation of home charging units, ensuring they meet all safety and efficiency standards, providing peace of mind and convenience for your employees.

Family walking to their front door whilst EV is on charge

Commercial van chargers

Commercial van chargers are essential for businesses that depend on electric vans for their operations. These high-power chargers are designed to accommodate the larger battery capacities of vans, delivering faster charging times to minimise downtime. Installing commercial chargers at your business premises ensures your vans can quickly recharge between trips, keeping operations running smoothly.

Other electric van charging solutions from Radius

EV charge card in use

EV charge cards

It's never been easier to recharge your electric van whilst on the move. Empower your employees with an EV charge card that gives them access to one of UK's largest charging networks when they're out on the road.

Mobile Phone Featuring Electric Charger

EV software

With our user-friendly EV charging software, you can easily manage your chargers at home or your business premises. Providing a centralised view of all chargers across all locations, the software integrates smoothly with daily operations, streamlining charge point management.

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