Diesel cards to simplify fleet management

Pay fixed weekly prices for diesel

Access fuel stations in 98% of UK postcode areas

Large network of HGV accessible stations and truck stops

Your guide to diesel fuel cards

Diesel’s fuel efficiency rating makes it one of the most lucrative options for transportation companies across the globe. Fewer moving parts make diesel engines the champions of long-distance travel, great for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and high mileage fleets. Additionally, the diesel alternative hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel can be used in any diesel engine as a way to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. If you run a fleet of diesel vehicles, diesel fuel cards can help you to monitor your fuel spending and run reports on your company’s carbon footprint. Combine all of your fleet administration tasks into a single login, and switch your fuel payments to weekly invoicing to keep paperwork manageable.

Which brands offer diesel cards in the UK?

The benefits of diesel fuel cards

No unauthorised use

Diesel cards can only be used to pay for diesel, and drivers cannot use them to top up unauthorised petrol vehicles.

Additional security

Restricting your fuel cards to diesel vehicles prevents stolen cards from being used to pay for petrol.

Competitive tariffs

Benefit from competitive diesel tariffs offered by your fuel card provider.

HGV accessibility

Diesel card brands aim to provide networks of HGV-accessible stations across the UK, making it easy for your drivers to top up anywhere.

Easy administration

Manage and monitor your fleet with a single online login, letting you run reports on past invoices and check when and where your drivers top up.

Which industries can use diesel cards?


Sole traders

Sole traders operating diesel vans or cars could benefit from a diesel fuel card. Separate your business expenses with a single weekly invoice and keep a separate fuel card in your wallet to avoid using your personal cards.

Two people sat at a desk working

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Whether your company is employing more staff or investing in a bigger fleet, getting on top of administration is a growing business’ top priority. Fuel cards for diesel engines can help to manage the influx of paperwork brought on by this new stage of your company's growth.

A cab view of a HGV driver setting off from a warehouse


Fleets of diesel-powered HGVs can take an incredible number of resources to manage and monitor from HQ. A diesel fuel card plan can help to streamline your company’s paperwork into a single online portal, cutting down admin time and letting your company focus on growth.

Diesel bunkering service

HGV diesel bunkering

For fleets and transport companies that use high volumes of diesel, we offer our diesel bunkering services. You can purchase diesel at a rate of your choice from your preferred suppliers and then draw it from fuel stations on our UK Fuels network, which includes over 900 HGV-friendly sites and major truck stops. With simple reports, you can keep control of your diesel stock levels and manage your account with our Radius Velocity online software and our Bunker Portal.

For businesses that have their own on-site fuel tanks, we can arrange bulk diesel deliveries to ensure that your vehicles start their journeys with a full tank.

A businessperson in a HGV garage holding a tablet

Get more from your diesel cards

Sustainable diesel options

Use your diesel cards to access the eco-friendly biodiesel HVO, helping you to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.


AdBlue support

Top up on AdBlue while paying with a fuel card, making sure your diesel engines never run out.

Access truck parking

Pre-book places in truck parking stops with your diesel fuel cards at 119 UK locations.

Carbon offset for your fleet fuel

Carbon offsetting

Offset your carbon emissions and boost your company’s sustainability through carbon offsetting schemes.

Manage your diesel cards with Radius Velocity

When you apply for a fuel card through Radius, you’ll gain access to our online portal, Radius Velocity. Log into your account to view all of your past invoices, monitor your spending and run reports on fuel use and the miles per gallon (MPG) rating of your vehicles. Your account manager is on hand to help you with any queries you may have about getting the most out of your login.


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