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Telematics for electric vehicles explained

This form of telematics refers to the technology that monitors and manages electric vehicles (EVs) using data collection and transmission systems. This technology gives you real-time insights into various aspects of EV performance – including battery health, energy consumption, and vehicle location.

With telematics for electric vehicles, fleet managers have the ability to optimise operations, enhance vehicle efficiency, and achieve better overall management. At Radius, our electric vehicle telematics solutions cater specifically to the unique needs of EV fleets, supplying essential data to drive smarter, more efficient operations.

How does electric vehicle telematics work?

Through the utilisation of GPS technology and onboard sensors, electric vehicle telematics collects data from the vehicle. Battery levels, charging status, location, driving behaviour – this is the type of data collected. The telematics device, via cellular networks, transmits this information to a central server.

Fleet managers can access and analyse the data, allowing them to monitor vehicle performance in real-time, plan efficient routes, schedule maintenance, and more. The comprehensive data gained then allows them to improve fleet management across the board.

Key features of telematics for electric vehicles

Our EV telematics includes all of the important features and functionality you need to run your fleet operations.

Battery monitoring: Real-time tracking of battery levels and health. Along with checking for optimal performance, it opens the door to timely recharges to prevent any unexpected downtime.

Energy consumption analysis: EV telematics gives you detailed insights into energy usage patterns. It helps identify areas for improvement in driving efficiency and overall energy management within the fleet.

Charging status alerts: Notifications and alerts for charging status and completion. This enables better scheduling and utilisation of charging stations to maintain fleet readiness

Location tracking: Accurate GPS-based location tracking is a key feature of telematics for EVs. This supports efficient route planning, reduced travel times, and enhanced operational efficiency across the fleet.

Driver behaviour monitoring: Analysis of driving patterns and behaviours. Doing this promotes safer driving practices, which reduces the risk of accidents – and improves your fleet’s overall safety.

Remote diagnostics: Remote monitoring and diagnostics of vehicle systems. You can detect issues early, schedule preventive maintenance, and reduce the chances of costly breakdowns and repairs.

Benefits of electric vehicle tracking

Tracking electric vehicles supplies your business with a wealth of benefits. Due to the ability to optimise route planning, which reduces energy consumption and time taken to complete journeys, it enhances fleet efficiency significantly. This efficiency is further boosted as tracking ensures better vehicle maintenance by monitoring battery health and system performance, leading to fewer breakdowns and extended vehicle life.

Real-time data on driving behaviour also promotes safer driving. Additionally, it provides insights into energy usage, helping your company to better manage – and lower – operational expenses.

Our software

Our cutting-edge Kinesis telematics software provides ample benefits for its users, including comprehensive insights and management features for electric vehicle fleets. Real-time data visualisation. Advanced analytics. Customisable reports. These are just some of the features that enable fleet managers to make more effective, informed decisions.

The user-friendly interface gives you easy access to key information, while the refined architecture guarantees secure, reliable data transmission. With our Kinesis software, you can empower your business to optimise EV operations and achieve greater overall productivity.

Our devices

We offer a range of high-performance telematics devices specifically created for electric vehicles. Easy to install, these devices integrate seamlessly with EV systems, giving you accurate, real-time data on various aspects of vehicle performance.

Key features include GPS tracking, energy consumption analysis, remote diagnostics, and battery monitoring. Durable and reliable, you can also rely on our telematics devices to withstand the rigours of daily fleet operations, day in, day out.

Telematics Hardware

Radius telematics and our EV charging software

Want a comprehensive solution for managing electric vehicle fleets? Look no further than integrating our telematics system with our EV charging software. This combination allows for seamless monitoring of both vehicle performance and charging activities.

Fleet managers can track battery levels, schedule charging sessions, and receive alerts for charging competition – all from a single platform.

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