Vehicle Solutions

Our vehicle solutions division offers customers access to a wide range of vehicles from all the major manufacturers. Our rental and leasing solutions can be tailored to the specific business needs of the customer and are managed in one easy-to-use platform.

Our experienced team discuss the customer’s needs and requirements so we can provide the right solution to fit your business. We offer an integrated sustainable EV solution where the customer can select an electric vehicle, chargepoint and rev card for on-the-road charging. We recognise that fleets will move through the energy transition at different rates and will need mixed ICE and EV solutions. Our vehicle solutions team will tailor a transition plan to suit individual fleet needs.

As customer demand in an EV world moves towards usership, Radius is uniquely positioned as we have a product and service set that already enables a “Vehicle-as-a-service” offer to customers, bundling vehicles, telematics, insurance and EV charging together into a monthly fee.

Radius Vehicle Solutions offer flexible and fixed term vehicle hire and leasing to customers across the UK and Ireland. With a highly experienced team, Radius can find the right solution for any business.
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